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Enterprise for the rest of us...


All networks are not created equal.  "Home" grade devices sold at common office and computer stores lack the stability and reliability of enterprise grade equipment.  This becomes very apparent when you're resetting your router for the third time this week.  Enterprise doesn't mean expensive, it means extensive.  For over ten years now Rage Technologies has been expertly designing enterprise grade networks for small businesses and large residences.  Let us design a network for you that unleashes the true speed of your internet connection and eliminates wireless dead-zones.  You'll be surprised at how little "enterprise" really costs. 

Core Networking



Improve network speed and reliability with enterprise-grade routers and switches.  Gigabit routers start at just $100!


Our experienced and licensed low-voltage contractors can add network jacks and wire up your premesis professionally.


Our cloud-based network management platform allows you to easily manage your network from any internet connected web browser (even your iPhone).


Need an IT staff?  Let our network operations center monitor your network and it's devices for you.


Need internet or phone service?  Moving soon?  Want to save some money?  We have preferred channel partner agreements with most major telecom carriers and can arrange internet, telephone and telvision service for you (and often at a savings).  Click here for more info on carrier services.


Enterprise Wireless



Let us eliminate wireless dead-zones with advanced multi-antenna technology.


Slow wireless? Let us help you resolve wireless congestion issues and maximize wireless performance.


Captive-portal features allow you to add guest wireless service complete with voucher-codes, default starting pages, and more.  Even require a PayPal payment before allowing guests to use your internet.


We specialize in hard-to-cover areas like schools, hospitality, and large residences.  Full-bar coverage everywhere you want to be!


Our CloudController management suite gives you easy web-based access to your wireless network.  See whose online and even block access if desired.

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