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Since 2001, Rage Technologies has been helping Southern California find innovate solutions to everyday technical problems. Our clientele is diverse and includes law firms, medical practices, schools, churches, small businesses, and large private residences. Our complete solution approach to technology helps us guide you from planning all the way through completion and training.  We look forward to helping make technology work for you!

Computer Networking



Computer networks are an essential part of every business, and these days, a part of every home as well.  We specialize in secure, reliable and scalable computer networks for any size business and large residences.  We're wireless network pros!  We can eliminate wireless dead spots and get you top speeds and coverage.

Business Telephones



As a certified partner for AT&T Synapse and Panasonic Hybrid Systems, we have the knowledge and products to outfit your business with corded, cordless and VoIP telephones.  With advanced features such as voicemail to email, iPhone integration, and SIP trunking we'll keep you connected to the world wherever you are!

Carrier Services



With top tier products you need top tier services!  As an authorized channel partner for leading internet and telephone providers we can directly quote, arrange products,   and arrange installation at no additional charge.  We represent providers including  AT&T, Birch, Charter, Cogent, TelePacific, TimeWarner, and more.

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